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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where's Janna?

What have we been up to lately? Well, we took last week off, to go shopping in the US & to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary, and because we have vacation time to burn. We went down to my parents on the Monday, to prepare for an early departure time on Tuesday morning. Tuesday we headed out to Frankenmuth, which is a predominantly German-themed town with a gigantic Christmas store. Seriously, I’m pretty sure it covers several acres. I got some cool ornaments – a tiny violin for Andrew, a black cat ornament for Willow (Pippin already has her own ornament), a kangaroo for me & a black angel for Wren. We hung out around Frankenmuth for a couple of hours & then headed for the nearby outlet malls, stopping at the W@lmart-esque grocery store along the way. Among other things, I bought Frankenberry cereal (in retrospect, Count Chocula might have been a better choice), Hello Kitty bandaids & malted milk powder, so we can have vanilla malt milkshakes. Then we checked into the hotel & passed out for a while. Then we hit the outlet mall for a while, had some dinner, then headed back out for more shopping. I finally replaced my Nike Shox, which were quite old & odiferous. Then back to the hotel to watch Glee with my folks (not sure my Dad has ever watched the show) – it was the Rocky Horror Glee Show episode. Wednesday was much the same, just different stores. While we didn’t go hog-wild, both Andrew & I got some really nice clothes & shoes, so it was worth the trip. Then back home on Thursday, to a couple of kitties who had missed us A LOT, and have stuck to us like Velcro ever since. Pippin’s been curled up on my chest every night since then, which Andrew says looks like a 10-year old trying to fit in their old stroller (because she takes up a lot more room that she used to when she was a kitten). Didn’t do much on the weekend (I hurt my back getting in & out of my dad’s SUV when we were in the US – I’m short, y’all). And I’ve been busy work-wise, trying to catch up. Now you’re up to date. Now get off my lawn!

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Vicki said...

I loved that Rocky Horror one.