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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The House of Mouses

It’s been quite a while since I last posted, but I haven’t been particularly busy. I just haven’t been in the mood to write, I guess.

So, what’s been happening? In major news, my gorgeous niece Evie turned 2 years old on April 1. She’s a bright little thing, both intellectually & in her personality. Every time we go to visit, she’s at the front door when we pull into the driveway, waving furiously & shouting, “Come in! Come in!”. Then she runs around the house laughing, because she’s so excited that you’ve come to see her. She’s not big on sharing at the moment. Any request for a piece of her food (crackers, strawberries, etc) is met with a “no” and a “shorry!” (sorry). She LOVES her DVDs – the Wiggles is her favourite, closely followed by Bob-pants (Spongebob Squarepants) and SHEEP! (Shaun the Sheep). We were visiting this weekend & watched a couple SHEEP! DVDs, and I must admit, she’s got good taste in that regard. That show is FUNNY. I mean, anthropomorphic claymation sheep, what’s not to like? She’s just got the sweetest temperament, and I love her to bits.

In other news, Andrew has been on a “work” trip for the last week, so it’s just been me & the kittehs, who, contrary to popular belief, are not stunning conversationalists. Expellers of hairballs in the middle of the night? Yes. Champion eaters of kibble? Sure. But conversationally? Not so much. Still, we’ve been having a un-eventful, quiet week, and that’s okay. And tomorrow, one lucky kitteh will join me in watching the royal wedding. Perhaps I could rig up some tiaras for us, to be festive. And some cucumber sandwiches & tea. Hmmmmm. He gets home tomorrow night, though, which is good since I haven’t slept well since he left. The zombification of my brain has been happening for the last 4 days, and it’s not pretty.

In other, grosser, news, we’ve been fighting a war with the mouses in our basement. That’s right – we have/had mouses in our basement. Our first clue was a bag of birdseed with a hole in it, then Pippin’s capture & display of a mouse (it was displayed prominently in our front hall). Our next clue was the mouse poop around the rack where we keep excess foodstuffs & such. Yuck. So we bought some mousetraps – a humane trap, and some snappy ones (not the old-fashioned wood-and-wire snappy one, a la Tom & Jerry – plastic ones with less bite). We have caught 6 mice, including Pippin’s, and there hasn’t been a mouse in the trap in the last 6 days. Hopefully we’re on top of it now, because EWWWWW. One good thing has come of it, though. We’ve made a real start on cleaning the basement, which has been accumulating assorted stuff since we moved in 7 years ago. It’s looking a lot better already.

Hmmmm, what else has been happening? Andrew went on another “work” trip to see a practice round of The Masters golf tournament. He had a great time. I stayed home. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Yeah – guess where I’ve been the last several months? Home. And work. Ooooo, so exciting. Bah humbug.

In adoption news, we received provinicial approval of our dossier last week, so now it gets translated & authenticated or something like that, and sent to Ethiopia. Hopefully it’ll be there soon, and we can get back in line for a referral. There haven’t been any referrals since the “new” agency took over. A lot of people have had quite a problem with the new agency, communication-wise, but it hasn’t been a problem for us, at least not yet. We’ve put off deciding whether to put our file in with CAS for 3 months or so, just to see how things are moving along with the new agency. If April is anything to go by, referrals are not going so great. Oh well, there have been slow months in the past. We just have to be patient, I guess.

And now you’re up to date.

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