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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yes, I guess it's been a while....

Hello, my faithful readers (though, by now, perhaps I have lost my audience)! It has been ever so long since I graced my blog with my presence. Not much has been happening, really, just life in general, but I'll try to catch you up as best I can.

May is my birthday month, and we celebrated with another trip to Buffalo, this time with my parents. A very good time was had by all, and much shopping was done. Turns out Walmart is a great place to get a deal on protein powder & Gatorade pre- & post- workout drinks (even though I think the post-workout drink tastes like lemon/lime & barnyard, Andrew seems to like it - but I think he will pretty much eat anything). We spent half a day in East Aurora again, and had a FABULOUS lunch at a place called Tantalus. I had a to-die-for stuffed burger (with no bun, as is my custom). It was stuffed with sundried tomatoes, feta & black olives, and the beef was just so beefy-tasting. It was the best burger I've had so far this year. I'm itching to go back & have another one! We celebrated my Dad's birthday at the end of the month (we got him a luxury car test drive, which he & Andrew will partake in in August. Dad's driving a Ferrari & Andrew's driving a Lamborghini - sweet!!!).

June is bit of a blur (being so long ago & all). We spent a weekend in Prescott again, stopping for cheese curds at Maple Dale on the way there & the way back. Sooooo many curds. I think I'm curd-ed out for a while (but the roasted garlic curds are sooooo good). During that trip we had a lovely day in Westport, where much shopping (window & actual) was done. My work team also moved from the factory location to the airport location, so my commute was cut in half, which is awesome! Being near the airport, we see lots of planes (arriving & departing), though some sitings are pretty scarily close! Part of my route home includes Airport Rd, and the runway where several planes land runs perpendicular to Airport Rd (and starts at Airport Rd). Wow, are those planes LOW when they land! It seems like they're going to land on your car sometimes. Scary, but exhilarating!

July's been pretty quiet so far.

No news here, unless you consider our needing to update some of our paperwork (AGAIN) news. We've been advised that it can wait until the whole dossier needs updating at the end of the year, unless we get a referral between now & then. That doesn't look likely, as paperwork requirements in Ethiopia have changed yet again, which has slowed referrals down. It has speeded up processing post-court date, though, so that is a very good thing for those who have referrals. We continue to wait & hope. We are considering opening up our request to a boy (which Andrew was always in favour of, but I resisted because I really wanted a girl). Now that we've met our friends' little guy, home since November of last year, I am no longer resistant to the idea of having a little boy!

Yep, I'm still doing Crossfit, usually about twice a week. It's still challenging, which I think it will be for quite some time, but I'm enjoying it, and I really enjoy the supportive, family atmosphere at the gym. Lots of people have told me that they are seeing results on me, which is nice. My core is definitely tighter, and I am definitely getting stronger. I can deadlift 105 lbs, power clean & push press 65 lbs & back squat 45 lbs. I'm getting there. I enjoy going with Andrew, though we don't really work out together, because he's at a different level, fitness-wise, than me. I'm wishing I'd started in the winter, though, cuz this hot weather is killing me when I work out. I must lose about a pound every workout, just from sweat. Good times! And sometimes, it's just too hot to work out (like when it's over 32). There's no A/C in the gym, just ceiling fans & roller doors. It's brutal sometimes.

Well, I think you're all caught up now. I'll try to start posting more often, especially in the lead up to HAWAII CRUISE 2012!!!


Erik & Marie said...

Oh Janna,
I hope you hear news soon! We were originally only open to a girl, well thought we were..And when we received our referral for our little dude we realized it was meant to be!


Janna said...

Thanks Marie! We'll have to re-do our homestudy before we actually change our request, not sure whether to just renew everything now, or wait until December! Every day I have a different decision - now, later, now, later. Sheesh....

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've opened up to a boy, cause my Abenezer is the best kid a mom can ever have. We adopted him when he was 3 1/2 years old, it's been 6 years since we became a family and all I can say is that my boy loves his mamma big time!

Hope something gives soon! Anna from Turin

Janna said...

Thanks Anna!

Erik & Marie said...

If I was you I would probably do it now. If you could update your whole dossier now that might be good. I would definately let MoT know your intentions!


ChristyCanuck said...

Okay, I almost gave up checking your blog since it had been so long since you'd posted, but here it is, an update!

If you guys are seriously considering opening your request, I would let the agency know asap. I know that when children come into care, they are matched pretty much right away while the paperwork on the Ethiopian side is being completed. And I know you can be matched while you are in the process of having your homestudy update reviewed too.

Our child request, way back, was for a girl. We opened it up last year. Couldn't be happier that we did! We can't wait to bring our little guy home. He has full custody of our hearts already.

ChristyCanuck said...

Oh, and I forgot to write: garlic curds? Num. :D

Janna said...

Yes, garlic curds are da bomb diggity. I have let the agency know that we are opening up to a boy, but I'd like to actually meet with them first before we actually pull the trigger. Apparently we're on a list of people wanting a meeting with Rev Lewis (to which I said, why not have a group meeting? No response). I'm starting to this this may never end - I'll be 65 & still doing post-placement reports.