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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

The lovely & talented CinnamonOpus (one of my geek-tastic soul sisters!) has nominated me for the Liebster Award! I am VERY honoured to be nominated, especially since I have not posted anything on my blog in many a month (soooo laaaaaazzzyyy). According to my friend Cinn, this award is a way for bloggers (even very occasional ones) about other, small blogs that they have discovered & enjoyed. My blog, she sure fits the “small” description!

Anyhoo, along with this nomination come some responsibilities (and a sash? Maybe? Miss Liebster 2.0 2012 should have a sash, am I right?), and some questions to be answered. First, I must share 11 facts about myself:

1. My favourite number is 3. Yup, it’s true.
2. I am a big Doctor Who fan (I have a small squishy TARDIS on my desk at work that makes TARDIS-y sounds), but mostly of the “new” Doctor who, starting with the 9th doctor. I find the ability to time travel very attractive in a man.
3. I am also a big fan of the movie Nacho Libre. Yes, I realize this may set me up for some ridicule, but I don’t care! It’s a sweet, hilarious movie that’s fun for the whole family.
4. I was an exchange student during my grade 12 high school year. I spent 10.5 months in Minas Gerais state in Brazil. I LOVED it there, especially once I learned the language & made some friends. I dream about getting back there one day – the food is TO DIE FOR. Mmmmmm, churrasco…..
5. I was once in a band. No, really! It was when I was in Brazil. A guy that I met at “school” (as an exchange student I was required to attend school, which I did – for a while) was a member of a local rock band, and when he found out I played the organ (I know, how cool was I?) he asked me if I wanted to be part of his band. Mostly it involved hanging around with the band (all very sweet young gentlemen) during rehearsals, and I played one show. My brief touch with “fame”!
6. Since July 1984 I have been a huge fan of Duran Duran. If you’re counting, that’s almost 30 years. I’m still a big fan of their work.
7. I LOVE CHEESE, in most of its forms. Cheeses I don’t like? Blue cheese, stinky cheeses, swiss cheeses.
8. Related to # 7, I LOVE PIZZA. It is my go-to comfort food when I am upset, or feeling too lazy to cook.
9. I am a Crossfitter. I have never been an active person, so this is huge for me. Everyone at my gym is very supportive of me & my efforts (successful or not). Turns out I have an aptitude for weightlifting – who knew? I recently participated in our local Santa Claus parade, requiring me to walk the entire 3km parade route, with stops to work out. If you’d told me a year ago that I would do that without complaint, I would have told you to get lost (in less kind words).
10. I love the Mythbusters – it is one of my all-time favourite TV shows, and Adam Savage is one of my favourite TV personalities. That man’s laugh never ceases to crack me up – he has such a love for what he does, it’s contagious.
11. I have 2 cats, neither of whom enjoy the company of people other than my husband & I. Andrew & I are their people, they see no need for anyone else. Pippin is much more vocal in her protests than Willow is, with much hissing & some growling.

Second, I am to answer some questions posed to me by my nominator.
1. What’s your favourite hobby? I don’t really have one. I used to make jewelry (beads & wire, mostly) but I haven’t done that in a while. Does Crossfit count as a hobby?
2. What colour looks best on you? Green, I think, but I don’t have many green clothes, because I’m very picky on the shades I like.
3. What is the most memorable place you have ever visited? Hereford Cathedral. I love the UK in general, but I love Hereford Cathedral the best. I saw it on an episode of Nova (I think) before I went to the UK in 1992, I think the show was about computers but they showed & talked about Hereford Cathedral’s medieval chained library, and right then & there, I knew I had to visit. Hereford is a fairly small town (city?) near the Welsh border, so it wasn’t super-easy to get to in 1992, but it was totally worth it. Andrew & I went back there in 2009 (I think it was 2009) & it was just like coming home. For some reason, I feel really connected to the cathedral, like it was part of one of my past lives. I just love the feeling of peace & wonder I get when I visit.
4. Have you ever Hammer danced? Not that I can remember, but then again, I am NOT the best dancer.
5. What language would you like to become proficient at? One of the languages I already know – French or Portuguese. I also know some Spanish, which is a by-product of working with several people from Latin America.
6. What book(s) have left a lasting impression on you? Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. It’s the whole time-travel thing again.
7. What is your favourite holiday family tradition? Spending Christmas Eve with old friends in the village I grew up in. We don’t get to do it every year, but when we do, it’s pretty darn cool.
8. If you could suddenly be a rock star, would you be the drummer, the keyboard player, the guitar player or the lead singer? None of the above. In a perfect world, I would be the bass player, cuz I just love the bass guitar. In real life, my short T-Rex arms & stubby fingers don’t really say “bass player”.
9. What news publication (if any) do you read? Sydney Morning Herald (for all my Aussie news), Toronto Star (for all my local news).
10. What is something you are really good at? Sit-ups. Seriously – I’ve gotten compliments from many coaches at the gym on my sit-ups. ABS OF STEEL! (cloaked in a covering of cheese & butter….)
11. How would you like to be remembered after you’ve left this life? As someone who was kind, intelligent & funny. A loyal friend, a fierce protector.
I’m going to nominate my friend Vicki’s blog, Something Else. She updates about as much as I do, if not less!

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CinnamonOpus said...

Yay! You totally deserve a little blog love! I enjoy your writing, when you get a chance to do some, and I always check for updates every day.

I WAS TOTALLY GOING TO SAY BASS GUITAR. I'M JUST SAYIN'. But I didn't think to differentiate between bass and guitar. But then, I'm a drummer at heart. :P