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Friday, June 5, 2009

The jet lag - she sucks

Probably the worst thing about overseas travel is the jet lag. In the past I've suffered pretty badly with it, especially when we came back from Australia last spring - I couldn't sleep at night for 3 days, I was a complete mess. This time, we had a great sleep the night we returned from the UK, but since then I've been waking up multiple times every night. I hate broken sleep, it always throws me for a loop because I'm usually a good sleeper - heck, I started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old! I don't suppose my daughter will also do that? Probably not. I can't imagine what the plane ride home from Ethiopia will be like, all that time with an infant I hardly know, who doesn't know us, who I won't have a clue how to comfort. I freak out a little just thinking about it. Hopefully I can lose a heap of weight before then so I can be more comfortable in economy class, cuz there's no way we can afford business class!
All that to say I'm not up to blogging about the trip yet. Maybe on Sunday when I get home from visiting my folks. About that - GOOD NEWS! Dad is finally home from the hospital! They discharged him Thursday afternoon.
That's all from here, have a great weekend everyone (all 2 of you!)

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