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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No big whoop

In our continuing story of "I don't do anything at any time ever" I offer the following: on Friday we were supposed to go to the local multicultural festival but after a work lunch at the chicken palace, my guts were in no state to be going anywhere. I even had to ask where the bathroom was at Best Buy, when we went to purchase a new cordless phone to replace the phone that shall no longer be named or even thought of. The good news - the bathrooms at Best Buy are quite clean, at least at the one I was in. Saturday I woke up with the worst hayfever ever and spent the rest of the day blowing my nose & trying not to sneeze. We did manage to get out to buy a couple more bottles of the Dowie Doole cab sav that we love (before it disappears forever), and to buy some nice food for dinner (green chicken tikka - my recipe, it was okay but not perfect - and grilled lobster tails - garlic & lime with cilantro lime butter). Sunday we went to see Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (loved it!), watched the NASCAR race & made steak with chimichurri sauce for dinner. We've also been plowing through a quart of Ontario strawberries since Saturday (sooooooo yummy). As of Monday I still had the hayfever but it seems to be gone for now. Stupid pollen.

No adoption news. I assume the next bit of news will be when we receive the clearance for the first part of the immigration paperwork for our daughter. Until then, I guess no news is good news. Besides, if people are waiting upwards of 20 months (although, not with our agency), there is no way we're getting our referral until at least this time next year, and perhaps not even then. I need to use this baby free time to prepare my body for baby. Because while I am well aware that I need to lose weight for my health & so that I can be a better, faster mom (6 million dollar mom! Nenenenenenene), I'll be darned if I can get motivated to do so. I eat pretty well (usually), I just can't seem to get me of my arse to get fit. We even have a spiffy recumbant exercycle in the basement & I can't motivate myself to use that. I'm such an idiot that way. I did so well with all the walking in England, why can't I make myself walk here at home? Maybe I need a buddy, someone other than Andrew, to motivate me. What I need, what I'm sure every fat person needs, is a magic pill that removes the fat from where you don't want it, with little effort. That is never going to happen. Ever ever ever. I can only blame my genes for this so much, the rest (the majority) of the blame rests squarely on my shoulders. The last thing I want is for my weight to jeopardize our adoption. By the way, mega congrats to my best friend for her continued weight loss over the past few months - you are an inspiration to me. Don't give up on your dreams.

On a lighter(? - he he he, considering the last topic) note, I'll be glad when all this thunderstormy/rainy weather moves out of town, cuz it's literally giving me a headache.

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