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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not much, thanks for asking

Easter is coming and there have been many bunnies in the yard to prove it. They like to scavenge the discarded birdseed from the feeder, there were 2 of them there this morning. Judging from the poop on the shed of our backyard neighbours, the raccoon/s are back too. Luckily no one has eaten my crocuses this year, at least not yet. Someone had a nibble on one of my tulips but I can't say who it was for certain.

Last weekend was auspicious for 2 reasons - the first was Evie's first birthday party. She was such a cutie in her pleated pink dress! And she was soooo well behaved, even though you could tell she was exhausted. She was covered head to toe in icing, but most of that was her aunt's doing (not me, her other aunt). It was good to spend time with the family, even though we had to rush off to the other auspicious event - the Celebration of Hope, which celebrated the first 6 months in operation of the resurrected Imagine Adoption. It was a good time - good food, good speeches, good music, and lots of adopted cuties!

We're heading down to the homeland for Easter, and according to the weatherman it's going to be a ripper of a weekend - over 22 degrees for 3 days straight! Enjoy the holiday, folks! And Vicki - enjoy the caravan park!

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