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Monday, March 1, 2010

Kitchen Makeover

Not really. We did go to Ikea yesterday (we got there right when they opened at 10am, and the crowds got steadily worse the longer we were there - the cafeteria was crazy-town) and get some new canisters (glass cylinder-shaped with stainless steel lids) to replace the "old" cow canisters. Nothing wrong with the cows, they just take up half the available bench-space. So we cleaned all the dust & detritus off the counter (amazing what builds up when you're too lazy to clean it), arranged all the single recipes in a desk organizer, and it's like we have a new kitchen! At least, on the left hand side of the kitchen. The right side could definitely use some work. That's where everything goes when we don't have room in the cupboard.

We also bought a dresser for the baby's room at Ikea - it's really nice. I had originally wanted to get a low, pine dresser so we could use it as a change-table too, but when we say this dresser we fell love (well, Andrew did, which is unusual for him!). It's the Aspelund 3 drawer dresser, in case you're interested (which I know you are). The only thing that I would change about it would be for it to be wood-grain instead of white, so it would go with the rest of the furniture. That said, we can always paint the crib white (which is looking more attractive the more I think about it). The bookcase is already a very light wood, so if the crib is white it will tie everything together. I can't wait to get the couch out of there so we can start putting everything together!!!! Evie, my niece, is staying the night on Saturday, so maybe we should put the crib together now (we can always take it apart again) as I hear she doesn't like to sleep in a playpen. Picky girl. I'm actually a bit nervous about taking care of her ourselves, but I'm looking forward to the practice too!

There was an article over the weekend in the Kitchener Record, about That Nasty Blonde Lady who took our money & spent it on herself. Check it out - even after all these months it still makes my blood boil - One of these days I'm gonna need to learn how to include links.


Vicki said...

what a selfish cow

Janna said...

How can someone do that? Seriously, the kids in the transition house when the bankruptcy happened were getting by on 1 meal a day. Selfish & cow don't even begin to touch on what she is. Evil, that's what she is. But the thing is, she thinks she's a saint for "helping form families by adoption". HA! Wait for judgement day, missy.