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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The huntress

So, last weekend Andrew & I were out in the backyard one morning, pottering around the yard & garden. Willow was out with us, we let the cats outside when we are there to supervise them. Anyhoo, she was stalking bugs & fluffs & whatnot, as she is wont to do, when all of a sudden I see a flurry of activity & hear an almighty SQUEEK! Ladies & gentlemen, Miss Willow caught a mouse! My wee kitty is a mouser! She dropped him on the ground & kept stepping on him, then looking at me for guidance, like "What do I do with it now?".Considering how much of a pain in the ass the mice have been garden-wise this year, we are rather proud of her. She didn't kill him per-se, and she didn't even break the skin. I think she must have crushed his poor little chest, as he passed away soon after the attack. We wrapped him in paper-towels & put him in the bin. The next morning when we let her out again, she went straight to the spot where the mouse had been. She's a clever cookie.

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