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Monday, July 5, 2010

Mah porch

Happy belated Canada Day, everyone! We spent this long weekend (July 1-2) with family (my parents & my brother & his family), which is how it should be, I think. On Canada Day itself we had a BBQ (burgers, hot dogs, roaster veggies, etc) and Evie showed off her mad walking skillz to us. She's really walking well, but when she wants to get somewhere in a hurry she crawls at the speed of light! And she's at that stage where she's into everything - a little annoying but it's really showing us what we need to babyproof.

On July 2 we got to installing the new aluminum porch railing. My dad took out the old wooden railing before we even got home on the Wednesday, so we were able to paint the pillars on July 1, so we were all ready to go on July 2. It took us the best part of the day to get all three sides of the railing installed, but it looks awesome!



July 3 my parents went to visit my brother & then babysat Evie while her parents went out. Apparently she likes to bang on the bathroom door while you are in there, and shout at you. Not sure why - the mind of a 15 month old. Andrew & I stayed home & painted the front door (red - it looks great!) and moved some plants around.

July 4 we went out for brekkie, my parents went home, and we got more plants at the garden centre. And we found out that we have a matching set of mice - one for the back garden & one for the front (which we found out when Andrew spotted a pint lily flower sauntering through the garden by itself). Jerk mice. I hates them.


Vicki said...

Love the reno's. Especially the red door.

CinnamonOpus said...

Looks really good!

A porch with rails is a good way to corral a toddler when you want some outside time. I regret not putting a rail door on ours as well -- a lot of families did, and it makes for instant outdoor playspace. Oh well, live and learn.

We also need to paint our door, but after years of pondering it I still can't decide what colour would be good. Because we picked crap colours for our trim and siding, which look good with NOTHING else. I love the red on yours!

Janna said...

It would be nice if we could put a gate on the front porch to corral small people, but with the step starting before the porch ends, they'd just be able to limbo out of confinement.

CinnamonOpus said...

Hey. Do NOT be dissing the limbo. That is a PARTY WAITING TO HAPPEN right there.

Alright. It's no conga line, I grant you.