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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Movin along, singin a song

Apparently I am like, physic or something, because since my last post there have been 4 referrals (I think 5, actually, but I don't know who the 5th one is)! There was a referral for a 5 month old baby girl, and 3 sibling referrals in as many days! That is big news for those waiting for sibling referrals, as there has only been 2 in the 8 months since the agency has been back in business. These 3 sibling referrals makes 5 total. Every little bit helps, and we're getting closer every day to our Wren.

We were out at Ikea the other day, and we found the perfect crib for us! It's part of the Sniglar series, and it's a beautiful bright green! It's also much lower than the crib we currently have, which suits us down to the ground, as we are not tall. This will make it easier for us to lift Wren out of the crib. We're giving our current crib, which was a hand-me-down from a friend, to my parents so they have a crib at their place, and they are going to get us the Ikea crib. I am so excited! I want to start on the nursery now!

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Vicki said...

Hi Love,
I sooo need to update my blog - christening & moving photos. But just can't find the time right now. It's so hard typing with one hand too! Hopefully I'll get it done this weekend while Darren can entertain Jackaroo.
We are finally squashed into Mum's & this weekend plan to do NOTHING! We've been go, go, go for about 4 weeks now - & Darren certainly needs some down time.
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