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Monday, October 3, 2011

The latest Idiot news

We are long overdue for a general update from the agency (they are meant to be bi-weekly, but the last one we got was August 30). Today The Idiot sends out an "update", but instead of attaching the update to the email, he copied & pasted each & every one of the agency's client's email addresses in the body of the email. Seriously? There is now absolutely no doubt in my mind that I DO NOT WANT THIS GUY EVER TOUCHING MY FILE EVER EVER EVER AGAIN. That is all.


BCMommy said...

I know...seriously??!! I am so mad. While the update sounded promising for me (as we are waiting for an 'older' girl, they never defined what 'older' means. Also, I recall being told there were 100 families on the roster back in really? There's still 100? I also don't believe there have been 28 referrals. They said there were more older kids than families willing to take them waaaay back in January. So....where is my referral if that is the case? Does it really take that long to get their paper work ready? 10 months? Another client with a similar DTE and age range asked Elaine if she should up her age and she was told no. That was just last week. Now they are asking people to consider doing that. They still have no idea what they are talking about. I can't wait to be done with all of this!!!!

I am trying to be careful what I say on the boards because I have been told that they have access and read everything we say. But I'm with you 100%. I am so done!

Janna said...

The way I see it, nothing I've said on the boards is anything other than the absolute truth, which I can back up with emails from the agency. As for you, because your age range is pretty wide, I'll bet you're either matched & they're waiting on paperwork, or are very close to being matched. After that update yesterday I started considering changing our request to "either", but I think we'll hold off until our next update (please tell me I won't need a "next" update!) for a couple of reasons - 1. I really want a girl, I've always pictured myself with a daughter. 2. We've already got lots of girl clothes & some dolls & the design of her room (which still needs to be assembled) is all girl. 3. We've gone through soooooo much to get this damn stat dec, I just want it over & done with without yet another change/wrinkle. Our original number was 111, so I think we're about 50 on the list now, and there are about 20 families ahead of us with the same/similar request. At this point, I just hope we get our referral before we have to update again!

Vicki said...

That guy should seriously be sacked - how can he not be? Isn't that breaking major privacy issues?