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Friday, September 30, 2011

Still with the angry * UPDATED

It's kind of fitting that I've open & closed the month of September with an angry post regarding our file. To summarize, it's the same crap, different day. We are no closer to getting our stat dec that we were 30 days ago, and I can't express how much that sucks. Instead of re-hashing the whole thing, here's the email that I sent to the agency this morning. To give you a little background, I stopping dealing with The Idiot about a week ago, and the new guy I've been dealing with, Mr Nice, is very nice & has been helping tremendously. He's the reason we got the email from Helpful Lady, which will hopeful result in the debacle coming to an end. And yes, I copied the director of the agency. All names have been changed to protect the innocent, and The Idiot, and to protect myself from legal action.

"I am very upset at the handling of our file since it transitioned to your agency in April of this year. At that time our file was with the ministry in Ontario, waiting for approval. This approval came through on April 19, as communicated to me by The Idiot. This was the last informative email I received from The Idiot. I have been told numerous times by The Idiot that our file was complete, that nothing was outstanding, that there was nothing missing that would be delaying the statutory declaration. Apparently I have been lied to, and I do not appreciate it. Please see below for a summary of my correspondence with The Idiot (I can provide copies of these emails, if you wish). Before you read this, please note that our original stat dec with the original agency took 3 weeks to be issued.

April 19 – received email from The Idiot that ministry approval had been received.
May 4 – emailed The Idiot to enquire as to the status of our stat dec.
May 10 – received reply from The Idiot indicating that our file had been updated waiting for the stat dec.
May 24 – emailed The Idiot to ask about stat dec, was told that it had been issued & that MoT were awaiting its arrival from the Ethiopian embassy.
June 8 – emailed The Idiot to ask if stat dec had arrived from embassy, was told that our file was sent to be notarized & the stat dec was being processed. I asked why I had been told on May 24 that the stat dec had been issued.
June 14 – received email from The Idiot noting that our file was updated & was getting authenticated. There was no explanation of why I had been told that the stat dec had been issued when it hadn’t.
July 20 – emailed The Idiot to ask about status of stat dec.
July 21 – received reply from The Idiot that stat dec had gone to Ottawa, then to Ethiopian Embassy, that new agency was awaiting its return.
August 26 – emailed The Idiot to ask about stat dec. I asked why it was taking so long, and if there was anything missing from my file. I was told that all documents were in order.
August 31 - At this time, due to a post in an August update, I also asked if there was a fee involved with the stat dec. I was told that yes, there was. Please note that this is the first time I was notified of a fee for the stat dec.
September 1 – emailed The Idiot several times to find out the cost involved & whom to make out the cheque to. I was told by The Idiot that the fee was $131.00 & that the cheque was to be made out to the Ethiopian Embassy. I confirmed this with him several times, as I had heard that other families had been charged $282.50 & that their cheques had to be made out to the original agency. I was assured that the charge was $131.00. My husband sent out the cheque on September 3. At that time he requested a receipt from The Idiot, but we have never received this requested receipt. At this time I do not know if the cheque has been cashed.
September 19 – emailed The Idiot to enquire about status of stat dec.
September 20 – was advised by The Idiot that the stat dec had been issued, that he knew this because he had produced it himself. I asked The Idiot if our updated file was on its way back to Ethiopia now. I did not receive a reply.

This ends my correspondence with The Idiot on the status of our stat dec. I started dealing with Mr Nice after September 20, and I must say that he has been nothing but courteous & helpful. That brings us to today, and your email asking for notarized documents (which we are happy to provide, and would have been happy to do so 5 months ago, had we been asked to have them notarized). I will require confirmation from you (Helpful Lady) that the charge for the stat dec is $282.00, and not $131.00 as we were previously told. If the charge is indeed $282.00, I would ask you to return the cheque for $131.00 that we have already sent to your office, specifically The Idiot.

I would also ask that our file be handled my someone else than The Idiot, as I have found him to be very slow in responding to my emails, and when he does respond, he usually does not answer my questions. When he does answer my questions, I am given wrong information. This is not acceptable, as I am sure you will agree. I look forward to a better relationship with the (new) agency than I have experienced so far (please note that this statement does not include Mr Nice, I have no complaints about him!)."

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?!? Today's email was the breaking point, and it's a good thing that I get into work earlier than most of my colleagues, becuase I cried my eyes out this morning, mostly from sheer frustration. With every month that passes, I feel like I'm getting further & further away from being a mom. This sucks.

Update - I received an email from Nice Lady on Friday (after I left work, but whatever, at least she responded same day). I'd sent an email earlier in the day asking her to courier me the paperwork (that needed notarizing) at the agency's expense, because of the LONG delay in getting this issue identified & resolved. She has done so, so hopefully this will all be resolved by the end of the week, so the stat dec can be issued by the end of the month (preferably by the end of next week). My hubby is going to hand-deliver the paperwork to the agency on Thursday, hopefully, and I'm sending him with a list of hard-hitting questions. I had a dream last night that we got our referral, so apparently my subconscious still thinks this will all work out, but we were referred a boy instead of a girl, so even my subconscious thinks the agency isn't done screwing up!


BCMommy said...


My heart really goes out to you. We have had similar dealings with The Idiot. In July, after wondering why we hadn't seen a referral yet when we have such a high age range (up to a 5 yr old girl now), he made a comment that our age range was 0-3.5 yrs old. WHAT???!!! I nearly died! I explained that we had updated it and our docs were supposedly in Ethiopia at the end of April with our new date (born after Oct. '06), He then emailed me bak and said, 'oh yes, I see that here. It says a child born after OCt.'06. I emailed back and said, it better say 'a girl', not a child, because Elsie got a boy when she had intended for a girl because they put 'a child' by mistake. He assured me it was a girl on their papers. I asked him to double check that the people in Ethiopia who are matching families had the right age (how could I know when he did not have them right?) and he emailed me within a day and said they did. There's no WAY he got on the phone or email to check with Ethiopia, due to the time difference. I have, since reading your yahoo posts, emailed Mr Nice to ask him to double check our age range and file, as I do not trust anything the idiot has said to me.

I feel your pain. This guy should be fired for all the f-ups and lies. It's total bs.

Janna said...

Man, I have the worst time trying to comment on my own blog! Seriously, the idiocy of this man knows no bounds. The only reason I'm sticking with this agency is that I believe this is our only way to become a family. We have no kids, we have no money to start over. I'm going to give them a chance to earn my trust again, which I think is pretty generous.

BCMommy said...

My husband can't understand how he still has a job, when he makes such huge errors that affect people's lives! I don't understand it either. I really hope you will hear from Gordon Lewis, but he seems kind of like an enigma. I don't know that anything ever 'gets to him', in that even our updates all come from Steve, not Gordon Lewis. Speaking of updates, where are they? The last one was not an update, but a cancellation of the fundraiser. We should be getting one this coming week, right?

You better hear something on Monday! My blood pressure has gone up just thinking about your situation!


CinnamonOpus said...

Go get 'em, sister friend. I think you are fully justified to be a whole lot angrier and a whole lot less polite to those dopes than you were. I am impressed with your restraint and diplomacy.

If you ever need someone for your less diplomatic services, i.e. delivering a good old-fashioned punch in the junk, I'd be happy to volunteer my services.

Janna said...

Thanks, Cinn. It's funny you should mention a junk punch, Andrew & I were fantasizing about doing the same thing this weekend (though we call it a nut punch). Nice Lady has couriered the paperwork that needs notarizing to us, so it should arrive today (Monday). I want this all to be resolved by the end of this week. Andrew's going to hand-deliver the paperwork, and I'm giving him a list of questions to ask them.

Vicki said...

Holy Crap! that just all sucks. I'm sending good vibes your way my love.