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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Janna's Crossfit Challenge - The Crossfittening Part 4

Class 4 was on Monday, the same day I wrote the Part 3 post. As you may remember, I was running on little sleep & felt barely coherent. I managed to get my butt in gear & get to the gym for my 5pm class, but my heart really wasn't in it. The warm-up, a 500m row, was uneventful, and I managed to get off of & away from the rowing machine without killing myself or messing up my knee, so that's a plus right there. Class 4 was all about the "clean" weighlifting move (squat, shrug, lift, etc), and the class itself didn't go badly. I was the only student in the class, which is both good & bad. Good, because you get the trainer's undivided attention, and bad, because you get the trainer's undivided attention, meaning you don't get a little break while the rest of your classmates are showing of their moves. We mostly worked with the 20 lb bar, but about two-third of the way through the class he had me move up to the 35 lb bar, which just about killed me. Had I lifted the 35 lb bar a bit earlier in the night, I think I would have coped okay, but by that time I was buggered. It was downhill from there, and my workout - 2 rounds of 20 lifts (20 lb bar) & 20 step ups (12 inch box), then 1 round of 10 each - took all of what little strength & confidence I had left. That workout took me 11min 23sec to finish, and I was SOAKED with sweat (ewwwww) afterwards. Of course, it was Andrew's birthday that day, so there was no rest for the (very) weary. I zoomed home, freshened up, and headed out again to dinner with our adoption/crossfit friends & their son. It was a long day, and probably not the special 40th birthday celebration Andrew had been hoping for (but I'm going to make it up to him!).

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