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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boo hoo hoo

I really shouldn't complain about having no life - it's my own damn fault I'm never motivated to do much of anything. And I do have a life - it's just not exciting blog fodder. It's not easy updating a blog when nothing much of note happens! But that can be a good thing - it can mean that nothing bad is happening!

Having said all that, life continues. It's winter, so a fair bit of cocooning is going on (for those not familiar with cocooning, that's what happens in the winter when it's cold/snowy & people just keep to themselves & stay indoors). Can't wait for spring when the neighbourhood starts to come out of their shell, so to speak! As soon as it gets warm Andrew & I are out in the front garden, weeding out the weeds, pulling up the dead stuff from the year before, re-planting anything that the wildlife unearthed. I'm thinking of moving the irises to the backyard, on the edge of the patio with the peonies & the rose-bush & the blueberry bush (if it survived this winter). We'll also move the michaelmas daisy to a different part of the garden (it's at the front now, and seeing as it's 3 feet tall it's kind of throwing off the look of the garden. I'm also trying to decide which veggies to grow this year. Carrots for sure, they worked out really well, as did the onions. Perhaps some tomatoes & peppers, and maybe basil again - we did get some lovely pesto out of the last crop. Not cauliflower or broccoli or brussels sprouts - not that it wasn't fun to watch Basil the mouse de-nude the tender plants of their leaves - I'd just like to be able to eat some of what I grow! And he ate the pea sprouts before they were barely out of the ground!

Well, that's about all from here. I'd love to be able to go on a quick vacation somewhere, sometime soon-ish, but we really need to pay down the credit cards first. Sigh......

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