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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gone gone gone been gone so long

I've been gone gone gone so long. Sorry about that! No reason in particular, I just wasn't feeling wordy. We had a great weekend last weekend, but busy! On Friday night & all day Saturday we took part in a pilot group of our local council's Transracial Parenting course for adoptive & foster parents. Andrew & I both felt that we really benefitted from attending. It was taught by someone who is transracial herself, so she could really relate to the subject material. Then Saturday evening we went over to our friends' place for dinner. We haven't seen them in almost 5 months, so it was so much fun to just go there & relax, hang out & partake in some very good food (a gourmet cheese plate - including a triple cream brie - and bison striploin steaks cooked Tuscan style.....yum!) and some stellar red wines. On Sunday we slept in a little, then went to see Iron Man 2 (loved it!!!) and had wings & appetizers for lunch. It was a great weekend. I'm hoping this weekend will be just as good. On Saturday I'm going to the Niagara region with a friend & her friends to celebrate her 35th birthday, then on Sunday we're going to a Welcome Summer party at our adoption friends' house. It's an afternoon party, so we're going to aim to be home in time to catch the Lost series finale. On holiday Monday we might go see Shrek Forever After. We're going to work on planting the veggie garden too. The best thing that's happening on May 24 is this - my friend is going to be induced, and she'll finally meet her child. Oh how I wish I could be there to witness that! Next weekend is the wedding & my dad's birthday. Lord knows what I'm going to get him for his birthday! He's so hard to buy for.

Well that's all for now! Have a great weekend everyone, and Vicki? Push him out push him out WAY OUT! Much love to you & Darren.

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