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Monday, July 6, 2009


Really, I should have called this blog "Seinfeld", because it's a blog about nothing. Well, it is at the moment anyway. As soon as we get our referral I'm sure the excitement factor with ratchet up big-time. Anyhoo, it was a good but quiet weekend. Friday I left work a little earlier than usual & stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick something up for dinner. I was originally thinking roast chicken, but then I remembered it was our 4 month anniversary of our file arriving in Ethiopia, which I usually celebrate with little cheesecakes or pastries or something. So I picked up a (bargain) lobster for Andrew & a filet steak for me, and we had that with salad. And of course, the little cheesecakes from the bakery (sooooo delicious). Saturday we went to Cora's for brunch, then to a local farm for strawberries, and to the Superstore for a flank steak for fajitas for dinner. While we were there I picked up some cute clothes for Wren (on sale of course, all in size 12-18 months). I got a sweet pair of jeans with rainbows on the pockets, 2 onesies with birds on them, an adorable soft pink cardigan & an orange t-shirt with a japanese scene embroidered on it (sounds weird, is actually really cute). I picked up a shirt for Andrew too. We also got replacement broccoli (& cauliflower & brussell sprouts) plants to replace the ones that bastard rabbit ate. When we got home one of the other Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron couples invited us over for drinks. Other than the fact that I should have worn a sweater, we had a lot of fun. Sunday was a "re-arrange the house" day. We've been going through our clothes lately, to thin the herd, as it were, and were sitting in the spare room. I thought to myself - I'll bet the linen wardrobe would fit in here (backstory - our house doesn't have a built-in linen cupboard for reasons known only to the previous owner, so we have a shelving unit with doors from Ikea) and I got Andrew to measure it. Sure enough, with a little elbow grease we had the wardrobe in there about an hour later. It went very smoothly, actually, considering the wardrobe is about half a foot higher than our doorways. We also changed out the bedside table & lamp for smaller ones that match the d├ęcor & hung a picture. It really pulled the room together, and gave a heaps more room in our bedroom, enough to put Wren's crib in there if we need to. Of course, we stirred up so much dust my allergy system went into overdrive, so I got minimal sleep last night. Gah. Every rose has it's thorn, I guess. Other future projects will include painting the spare bathroom, setting up the nursery & moving the towel tower into our bedroom, so we can easily access clean towels (now that the linen wardrobe is in the spare bedroom). The spare bathroom is currently rocking a rubber ducky theme, so I'm not sure what colour to paint it. I'm always drawn to green, but Wren's room is going to be green & blue, so I think that'll be too much green. Perhaps a nice beige, or even a terracotta.

Well, that is all for now. Stay tuned for the next installment of nothing.

ETA: I can't believe I forgot to say that I read Twilight & half of New Moon this weekend (starting Saturday afternoon) along with all the other things we did. I got sick of being the last person in the Western world who hadn't read that series. I must say that I am quite enjoying the books, and am making Andrew take me to W@lmart to buy the last 2 books in the series. Huzzah!

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