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Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, I guess it's official - no homegrown broccoli, cauliflower or brussells sprouts for us this year. There's only 1 plant left of each, thanks to that damned rabbit (tm). Funnily enough, he hasn't touched the carrots. Who know rabbits didn't like carrots? Or maybe they're just too much work to dig up. What a lazy rabbit!

Last night we had dinner with my brother & his wife & their daughter Evie, and my cousin, his wife & their son Leen. It was a lot of fun - we haven't seen my cousin & his family for over a year, almost 2 years. They're considering moving out west to be closer to her family, so I suspect we'll be seeing even less of them. It was a really good night, we all get along so well.

This weekend Andrew's doing his fun run, but after that we are footloose & fancy free. Which probably means we won't be doing much of anything, at least not until I finish the last book of the Twilight series. Then next Thursday we're going to the Just For Laughs gala, which should be heaps of fun. Then Andrew will be fly-fishing in New Brunswick for the rest of the weekend. Lucky dog!

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