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Friday, July 31, 2009


It seemed to go really well - as well as it could have gone with 180+ families in one room all wanting answers. The good news - the bankruptcy trustee is thrilled that we want to go ahead & restructure the agency to bring it out of bankruptcy, and there are apparently a group of qualifies people who have stepped forward to do it. The restructuring proposal still has to get through court, though. Fingers crossed. The proposal will be worked on in the next 2-4 weeks, but I'm not sure when it will go before the court. The head chair of the meeting, who is from the government department that oversees bankruptcies, said he was very impressed with the enthusiasm we have, and all the work we have done. He's never experience such optimism in all his years working with that department. The head of the BDO team said the same thing, and she's very optimistic that we can make this work. In the meantime we can apply to BDO to find out where our file is on the list of files in Ethiopia. That will determine whether we sign up with CAS or not. I'm glad to be starting the long weekend with good news, instead of more uncertainty - we're headed in the right direction!


CinnamonOpus said...

That's great -- I am so glad you are starting to see some resolution!

Vicki said...

I'm so glad you got some positive news.