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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I can't remember if I mentioned the wicked storm that happened last Thursday night. If I did - sorry to bore you with it again. If I didn't - wow, it was a doozy! It was Sydney-level lightning & thunder, and it must have gone on for over an hour (that's how long the power was out). I was sitting there, by myself (of course Andrew was golfing on the other side of Toronto that day), looking outside & thinking, "should I grab the cats & go downstairs? This looks really bad". And it did - I thought the wind was going to snap our tree - thankfully it's still staked (it's only 5 years old), and possible whip the table umbrella around so much that it would shatter the glass table. Thankfully we didn't have a lot of damage, as it turns out there was a tornado just a few blocks away! Eek!

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