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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Don't lose my number!

The agency released our "number" today. For those not in the know (I'm guessing that's all of you), this is where we fall on the List, the list of families waiting for the referral of a single child (as opposed to a sibling group). So, without further delay, we are are number 111! This is a lot better than we thought - since there are 270 or so families waiting for children (not sure how many are waiting for siblings) I thought we'd be somewhere around #200, but then I had a dream on Wednesday night that we were #86, so this falls nicely between the 2 numbers. And since we received our number there have been 3 referrals, so we are really at #108 now. 111 is our "official" number, though. And what is cool is that 1/11 was the birthday of one of my grandmas, so it's a special number! It's been a good week in the Imagine Adoption world.


Vicki said...

Great news! you'll be number 1 before you know it!

CinnamonOpus said...

I know that if I were in the process, knowing my number would make me INSANE. For me, ignorance was bliss a lot of the time. But my husband, he was on top of that kind of stuff, so he would have loved to know where we were in the list/process and why.

Either way, if it's helping make this process easier and less stressful and more transparent, then it's great news indeed! So, way to go lucky number 111!

Janna said...

We're pretty cool with knowing our number - for us, it means we're higher up on the list than we thought. And we understand that there's going to be people with larger numbers than us getting referrals before us & that's okay. We'll get our referral when the right child for us comes along. Though talk to me again when #110 gets their referral!