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Monday, January 11, 2010


In the Well Duh files, there continues to be not much happening around here, which kind of suits me down to the ground, as they say. In the past week or so we have: become addicted to Wii Frisbee Golf (more Andrew than me) & Swordplay (more me than Andrew), seen the movie Avatar (soooo good, see it in the theatre if you can, the 3D effects made my dizzy & nauseous at first, but then I was okay), and worked. That’s pretty much it. Exciting times, n’est pas? In the actual good times column, there were 4 families with our agency that got referrals in December, and another 4 families have received referrals so far in January. How cool is that? There were approx 270 families waiting for referrals when the agency restructured, so I guess that’s now down to 262! Not sure where we are in that list, I’m guessing we’re between 180th and 200th. In other words, it’ll still be awhile before we receive our referral. That’s okay – we can use that time to reduce our debts & get the house & nursery ready for her arrival. We went ahead & bought the birdcage & bird decal for her room, now we just need to move the sofabed out of the room, paint it, put up the decal, set up the crib & buy a dresser for that room (it will serve as a dresser/change-table – it’s a small room). Still trying to decide if I want to paint the crib. Some days I’m all gung-ho about doing it, other times I can’t be bothered. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the finish right now – I just REALLY like the look of painted cribs. If I did go ahead with that, I’d paint it a slightly darker shade of green than the walls. I found the PERFECT crib bedding set online (Kidsline Birdsong - get it - Wren? Bird? I know, I don't give you enough credit) but wouldn’t you know it – it’s discontinued (at least, I can’t find anyone who still sells it). If I don’t end up finding that I’ll go with a purple set of some sort.

On another note, my mother in law is turning 70 soon. Does anyone know if there is a special gift or type of gift you give for the 70th birthday? Keep in mind we’re in Canada & she’s in remote Australia, so it can’t be anything too big or too expensive.

Well, that’s really all from here. No news yet from Alamo, except to say that they responded to Andrew’s email & didn’t answer a single question that he had asked. Way to actually read the email, Alamo. My poor opinion of you has improved NOT AT ALL. Alamo consists entirely of FAIL.

Have a great week everybody!

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