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Monday, April 19, 2010

April showers bring.....

Aggravation, that's what. We spent the weekend at my parent's place, which was nice (as usual). My parents took us out for dinner for Andrew's birthday - great food at the restaurant but crappy service. Sunday was a bridal shower for my youngest cousin, who's getting married at the end of May (on my dad's birthday, actually). It was being thrown by my mom, my aunt, the bride's aunt on her father's side & my cousin (the bride's sister). As usual, my mom was tasked with picking up most of the party items (plates, napkins, cutlery, tableclothes, etc). No problem there, as they all split the cost. What I take exception to is that no one helped with anything at the actual shower. To be fair, my aunt had a stroke a few years ago & is not able to help. My cousin & her aunt, though, were more than able to help & did very little. I ended up doing a lot of the set up & maintenance of the food table, as there was no one else to help my mom. Honestly, I can use the exercise, but that's not the point. If you're throwing a shower, you're throwing a shower, not chatting to everyone who walks in the door - that's not your job. The work itself doesn't bother me - I like being organized & it was actually fun working with my mom like that, but the point is - it wasn't my job. I was a guest at that shower & I got to see the bride open 2, maybe 3 gifts - not even my gift. That sucks. And I feel so bad for my mom, getting stuck with doing everything. Good thing this is the last shower she has to throw - no more weddings or first babies for my cousins. So to those who threw the shower & did nothing (with the exception of my aunt, obviously) - BOO! Shame on you.

In other news, my seedlings are going great guns! Most of them are up now, only some of the basil & some of the garlic are lagging behind. Now that we've taking the cover off I'm hoping they don't get eaten by certain pussy cats.

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