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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Man, it has been a long week. The Boss has been away (my actual boss, not Andrew) so the "mice" have been playing. Not sure why I care, but it really bugs me when people basically decide that it's okay to come in a hour late & leave the same time as usual. To me, that's screwing the company out of an hour's work. It wouldn't really bother me if it was just once in a while, but it's been EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. Add that to the countless hours of personal calls, and I get a little ticked off. Especially when she plays dumb & asks for help with things I've helped her with over & over & over again. I've even done training notes! Is it so hard to actually use the training notes? Apparently so, as she routinely makes the same mistake again & again.

Enough whinging - I am so looking forward to this weekend. We don't have much planned, that I am aware of. I'd like to go to Sephora, to pick up my "birthday gift" and some moisturizer for Andrew. Maybe some lunch out, or a movie (boy, I wish Iron Man 2 was out this weekend!). Next weekend is getting to be chock-full. My folks are coming down to celebrate my birthday (since they can't come this weekend), and we've just been invited to my aunt & uncle's 25th wedding anniversary BBQ, so we'll be making the 5 hr trek to attend that. Then it's Mother's Day on Sunday & the trek home. The weekend after that we're doing Multicultural Parenting training on the Saturday. The weekend after that is my high school's 75th reunion but I don't think I'm going, because the next weekend after THAT is my cousin's wedding. Phew, I'm tired just thinking about it!

There was one more referral today, so now we're down to #88. Cool!

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