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Friday, April 23, 2010

Not long now!

It seems like many things are coming up pretty quick: my birthday (May 3, in case you want to know), the birth of my BFF's baby (she's 35 weeks along!), summer, my cousin's wedding (can't wait to hang out with my cousins again!). The road to Wren also continues to move along - referrals are coming in, slowly moving us towards the head of the line - from #111 originally, I calculate that we are now at #90 or #89! If referrals continue as they have been lately, we should have our referral by my birthday next year! Of course, I've now jinxed myself, but what can you do? Any positive movement in an adoption is a good thing! One good thing about the bankruptcy is that the agency assigned every family a number based on their DTE (dossier to Ethiopia), so we're now able to see what number they are up to. It's a little thing, but I think it helps our sanity!

Not much else happening here, folks! Enjoy your weekend!

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