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Monday, September 28, 2009

The carpet, she is gone

I think I did more manual labour this weekend than I have in a long while. Friday night, 11pm, I fixed the inventory errors for work for an hour (it's the end of our financial year, we needed to make sure we could ship everthing possible). Saturday morning, bright & early, we started pulling up the carpet & padding in the front room, to prepare it for the laminate which will be installed next week. Who knew the contractors would use that many frakkin staples? And the dust under the padding was gross. Blech. Then we moved everything back into that room & started filling it up with furniture from the living room. Then my parents arrived on their way back home from the cottage, to stay with us for the night so they could visit Evie (first grandchild) before they went home. We told them in no uncertain terms that we had no intention of cooking dinner, so we went out instead. They left the next morning. Then we picked all the basil from our garden & made 6 cups worth of pesto - believe me that is a lot of pesto! Then we finished moving the furniture out of the living room (the couch is currently taking up residence in our eat-in kitchen - it just fits). Then we tore out the carpet & padding there (the cat puke stains from the gummi bear incident went right through to the wood underneath - who knew?). At last we are done with this stage of the renovations. The living room now contains a quarter of the furniture it did yesterday morning. Can't wait until we have to move the entertainment unit that weighs a ton (we don't have a flatscreen TV. Yet). So I am sore & feeling a sense of accomplishment. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to walk properly, and not like I have a stick up my bum.

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CinnamonOpus said...

Well done! All that AND 6 cups of pesto! That sounds like a good reward for a job well done.