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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What a hoser

My boy, Andrew, is now a fully-fledged Canuck! We went to the ceremony this morning, it was quite touching, and I felt rather patriotic (Canada rocks!). Then we went straight to the passport office, where applying for his passport took Andrew all of 10 minutes, including the wait. It helped that he was so organized. In the same plaza there was a photo studio named Mehboob. I can assure you that many laughs were had at the expense of that name. You know what they say, don't touch mehboob.

On a stinkier note, Mr. Skunk traipsed through our yard again last night. Willow spotted him & started going nuts, so we went to look to see what she was reacting to. It Mr. Skunk, trundling through, looking like a black Y white pekinese type dog. Heh, so cute but so stinky.


Vicki said...

Congrats Andrew! heh is that a Mehboob in your shirt or are you just happy to see me?

CinnamonOpus said...

Yay, congratulations Andrew, you hoser, eh!

Sorry. It had to be done. I threw myself on the "eh" for the sake of the team.

Also, the skunk is back! Huzzah! Now all he needs is a name and he's practically family.

Janna said...

Henceforth, he shall be known as Mr Stinky (the skunk, not Andrew, though that name would also be appropriate for him at times).

Janna said...

Miss Vicki, I am told by my co-worker that mehboob means "the person you love". Doesn't make it any less funny.