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Friday, September 18, 2009

Eastbound & down

Loaded up & truckin', we're gonna do the things that can't be done. We've got a long way to go & a short time to get there.... Sorry about that, got lost in a Smokey & the Bandit fog (at least, I think that song is from that movie, I probably have half the lyrics wrong). Anyhoo, we're heading off to parts eastward, to visit with my dad's side of the family for the weekend. On the way there we may stop for buttermilk pancakes in Coburg (at the Buttermilk Cafe - TO DIE FOR), and we will definitely stock up on garlic cheese curds (food of the gods - I kid you not) in Plainfield. There's a BBQ at my aunt's place on Saturday (my mom's birthday) and we're going out for dinner on Sunday to celebrate my mom's birthday. It'll be nice to get away. The meeting with the bankruptcy trustee (re: the proposal & whether it got enough votes to proceed) is on Monday, but we won't make it back in time to go. A couple of our friends are going & will report back to us with the (hopefully) good news. Fingers crossed! This wait is EXCRUCIATING (is that how you spell that. it looks wrong)(oh well, I'm too lazy to look it up)!

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