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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I propose

So the proposal is done, and we've read it - it's a pretty dry read. Anyway, the long & the short of it is, if the proposal gets 2/3 of the votes from creditors it will go before the courts for approval. I don't see why it wouldn't get enough votes, but there's more than just adoptive families affected by this. So, if it passes the court approval stage the agency will be resurrected. The thing is, though, we'd need to put in a total of $4000 (each family) to cover operating costs, one lot in October or November, and another in February. Considering we'd only get back about $2000 or so if the bankruptcy proceeded that doesn't seem like a bad deal. Now we just need to find that $4000. We voted yes, by the way. I can't relax, though, until the proposal makes it through court.

In other news, Andrew's citizenship ceremony is next Tuesday, which is a lot quicker than we had thought it would be. How cool is that? This year continues to be a roller coaster of ups & downs.

1 comment:

CinnamonOpus said...

Here's hoping things go through and you guys are back on the road to parenthood soon!

And congratulations Andrew!