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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm floored (or, I will be)

Let’s see, what’s been happening since the last time I posted? Well, early last week I was pretty bummed (okay, really bummed) to find out that I was not chosen to be one of the godparents of my niece, Evie. While it doesn’t bother me that my sister-in-law chose her sister instead, part of me still says, “hey! Why not me?”. I know my brother is just being who he is, which is someone who doesn’t necessarily always put his family first, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt when he doesn’t even think to put me (and Andrew, frankly) for that kind of honour. He never sends me photos of my niece, I have to download them from Facebook (from my sister-in-law’s page). You’d think that he’d be stoked to send me pictures of his sweet daughter, but he doesn’t think like that. This coming weekend my parents are coming to visit us. They’re going straight to my brother’s place, then we’re going to meet up with them for a family dinner. Then we’re (my parents, Andrew & I) are bringing Evie home with us for the night (I think at my parent’s request – well, let’s face it, it was my mom’s request). Anyhoo, she’ll be sleeping with my folks in their room (it’s easier that way, cat-wise). So when my brother called to give me a heads up that this was happening (and to break my heart on the godparent front) he says, “we’ll see how it goes, if it goes well maybe she can stay with you again sometime”. What does he mean, IF it goes well? What does he think is going to happen? Does he think we’re going to feed her pizza, or go to a rave or something? Honestly, he just doesn’t think about what he’s saying sometimes. He is so condescending to me about the whole baby thing, like because I don’t have kids yet that I don’t know how to care for them. Dude, I was babysitting 1 year old twins before he was 10 years old. Twins! I know that was quite a while ago, but I think I can handle one baby (5 months old yesterday). Feh. I think you can tell he’s not in my good books right now. Inconsiderate tool.

Later in the week we formalized the quote to have laminate flooring installed on our main floor. We’ve changed the colour to Ancient Cypress (a warm, reddish colour) and decided that we will move all the furniture & pull up & dispose of the old carpet & laminate packaging to save money. That’s going to be a fun week. Chaos!!!! We hope to have it all done by the end of this month. We figure we’ll book one room for a Monday install (so we have the weekend to prepare that room), then book the other room for a Friday (to give us the rest of the week to ready that room), so Andrew doesn’t have to take 2 days off in a row. I’m looking forward to having everything done & back to normal.

This weekend we went to my parent’s place for a visit. It was pretty quiet, but nice. Mom & I went shopping & ended up with some real bargains (I scored a purple tank top with a very cool beaded neckline – I have the khaki version as well – for $10.00), and I fell in love with a long black “boyfriend” style cardigan. It’s knee-length & I love it & I went back & got it on Monday. You can’t say I didn’t think on it for a couple of days. At the grocery store where we did our weekly shop I saw a Dungeness crab with barnacles on its shell. As I watched the barnacle popped up to say hello. I almose barfed right there in front of the tank, then I hightailed it over to the meat section. I don’t know what it is about barnacles but they gross me out BIG TIME. It’s one of the few things that grosses me out. Weird, huh? Good thing I don’t run into them too often, living near freshwater waterways & all.

I guess that pretty much brings us up to date. We should hear about the proposal this week, or early next, and should be able to vote on it soon. Andrew got a reply from the ministry of child & youth services stating that if all goes well they hope the agency will be back up & running by October. It’s good to see that the ministry is optimistic, I think that is hugely important. Fingers crossed we’re still in this crazy adoption “race”!

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Vicki said...

Be prepared for stacks of dust - stock up on hayfever meds!!!!
It is good that the ministry is optimistic, because I would assume that if there was no hope they would be not trying to give you any.